Search Engine Optimization The Missing Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

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There have been a lot of blogs and posts these past few months saying that Content Marketing is Dead or that it does not work.

My immediate response is Content Marketing works but there is a crucial element that most Content Marketers and Content Writers leave out.

Search Engine Optimization is key to the success of your content marketing strategy.

Here is just a few reasons why:

Let’s go to the public library and take out a book about what your company does. There are two books available. One is a pamphlet, and the other is the ultimate manual on what you do.

Now here’s the kicker.

It’s not just that the bigger book is, well, bigger, it’s that it has an index in the back which references which key terms (keywords and long tail key phrases in SEO terms) it mentions a lot throughout the book.

Here is where I am going with this. Great blogs have certain keywords linked to other blog articles and pages in what I call a linguistic theme. And it’s not just individual keywords, but entire long tail key phrases.

What I am going to ask you next is, do you have a linguistic theme to your blog?

Are you weaving your content around linguistic themes and tieing those themes together through links?


Do you know what key phrases are brining you impressions through Google Webmaster Tools?

The second word in Content Marketing is Marketing.

Marketing is the art of starting meaningful conversations and also measuring and finding out who your target audience is and bringing them to you.

Just throwing content out there without research and planning is like a baseball player throwing a ball really fast at the umpires head over and over again.

Its like rushing to face Darth Vader before you fully understand the power of the Force.

You get the picture.

So, slow down on all this blogging you are doing and make a plan. Go back through the blog you have and see if you can establish a common linguistic theme and begin to measure your keyword density and inter linking strategy.

Mr. Google will be watching and so will your new potential customers.

Our clients have had tremendous success using Content Marketing and our Search Engine Optimization to grow their businesses. Collaborate with Stern and let’s add some Search Engine Optimization to your Content Marketing Strategy.


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