“I don’t believe it…” Luke | “That is why you fail.” Yoda

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It was New Years Day 2013 and on Spike TV was playing the iconic movie “The Empire Strikes Back”. I personally take much of my own dogma from this film and the lessons and sayings of Jedi Master Yoda.

The most memorable one is “Do or Do Not, There is No Try”, which I have previously posted about, but “there is another.”

After the famous ship float across the swamp, Luke looks on in amazement and states in shock, “I don’t believe it”, to which Yoda Replies, “THAT is why you fail!”

You are what you think and what happens will be highly influenced by what you BELIEVE will happen.

Now, you still need to prepare, plan, and research your goals, but without an underlying belief in yourself and your ideas, you are almost certainly destined to fail at your mission.

So in this New Year, share your beliefs with us, come at us with a strong sense that you DO believe in your project and have a plan for success.

And of course, we at stern always believe in our clients,  their inventiveness, their tenacity, and their belief in their overall goals.

Happy New Year!

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