Ethics and Philosophy | stern Inbound Marketing

My Overall Philosophy on Website Design and Inbound Marketing is to create an environment where YOU and your staff are in total control of your online presence.
~Darrell Stern CEO Stern LLC

My mantra “Do or do not, there is no try” comes from the famous Jedi Master Yoda in the Empire Strikes Back. When I tell you we WILL accomplish the goals we set for your business. I mean it. I do not TRY to accomplish anything. I DO accomplish OUR goals, and I expect YOU to be ready to eliminate the words “try” or “attempt” from your vocabulary as well.
~Darrell Stern CEO Stern LLC

I formed stern LLC because I was frustrated by big advertising firms over charging for simple website design and marketing tasks. My idea was to create the first ethical website design and marketing service. My goals were: To always explain all technology in plain English To explain to my potential clients that more money does not mean a better website To show small business how to achieve the design and marketing results of the “big boys” on a small business budget To provide the best and most comprehensive customer service in the website design industry. If you contact any of our clients, I am sure they will agree that stern has been achieving its main philosophical and ethical goals. My father, Dr. H. Willard Stern, was a philosophy professor. He taught logic, cognitive reasoning, and most importantly, business ethics… He taught me well. ~ Darrell Stern President
I recently sent out a proposal to a client who had requested vendors to bid on a new e commerce project. The potential client had indicated that his budget was 10k or more. After discussing the project requirements and reviewing them carefully, I placed a far lower bid than his budget cap. I received a call from the potential client who explained that my bid was much lower than my competitors and he did not see how I could accomplish his project for so far less than other website design companies proposed it would need. I explained that my company has the only ethical pricing policy on website design services in the country, and that I would rather him spend half of his budget on developing his project with stern, and the rest on marketing and advertising. Again, he asked why the other bids were so high? “Because you indicated that’s how much money you have to spend.” was my reply. He then understood that my competition was not pricing his project based on the actual time or complexity of the work to be performed, but rather on his access to capital. We are now working together on his project. If you would like a fair and ethical estimate on your next website project, please…