Fairmount Cemetery Storytelling ROI

We overhauled the website, content,
and social media marketing of a century-old Colorado institution.

Fairmount Cemetery —the second oldest and largest cemetery and funeral home in Colorado — was founded in 1890, and serves as the final resting place for Colorado historic figures including governors, senators, war heroes, and local citizens. It’s Colorado’s most extensive arboretum, filled with Champion Trees and one of the largest collections of Heritage Roses in North America. The staff of Fairmount Cemetery was impressed with the creative content and social media marketing work we were doing for Heflebower Funeral services (Mike Heflebower), a very talented and caring Colorado Funeral Director.


So much so that they decided to fully overhaul their website presence, content strategy, and social media marketing  with Stern to preserve the history of Fairmount, and to bring more customers.

We made use of Fairmount’s rich history to create new customer relationships.

Web Marketing Design

Many major streets in Denver are named after a Coloradan who is buried at Fairmount. Speer, Iliff, Downing — Stern took the stories of these people, along with other local history points of interest, and created compelling written blogs on Fairmount’s website. Stern took this one step further by adding several strategic calls to action to every blog post inviting everyone to take a tour of Fairmount and to join the Fairmount Heritage Foundation.


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Family focused branding for Fairmount Funeral Home

Fairmount wanted to establish that their business included complete Funeral Home Services. We focused our branding on the staff of Fairmount becoming Family. Both the Fairmount family: caring, gentle, and knowlegeable, as well as aspects of the Fairmount grounds that families can enjoy together.  The result continues to be more new and recurring family customers.

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Social Media Implementation

On social media, we worked to post enaging material from the creative story-telling blogs and pages. We brought people in, taught them something about Colorado history, and then invited them to come closer and visit. We also promoted family events such as Fairmount’s outdoor movie series with Facebook Advertising to bring more people to Fairmount’s beautiful grounds than ever before.


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Through collaboration with Stern, local families now see Fairmount as a mecca for local history. 

Every blog, social media post, and landing page our creative marketing team creates includes an inviting call to action that moves your potential client from passerby to active contact and participant.

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