Faith Young Marketing A Powerful Message

We transformed one woman’s message into a
stategic inbound marketing work of art.

Faith Young has a powerful message and mission that she wants the world to absorb and learn.

She wrote a book entitled “What Would Faith Do?” which takes the reader on her journey from abuse and scarcity to living in abundance and never-ending manifestation. Her LIFE and attitude have so shifted that her very character never wavers from I receive this graciously,” I am always blessed,” What are you Thankful for?” and How Can I be a contribution to you?”

Our mission at Stern was to incorporate every facet of her message and her book into an inbound marketing masterpiece.

Our creative collaboration with Faith Young increased her book sales, and put her powerful message in front of those around the world who need it most.

Web Marketing Design

Become Your #1 Fan is chapter one of the book, so we reverse engineered that idea to a landing page themed: “your biggest critic.” We did this for every chapter, creating 13 separate inbound landing pages — each targeting a pain point answered in the chapter. Using more than twenty separate campaigns, each pain, fear and problem people searched for could be used to BRING people the hope, energy, and Faith of What Would Faith Do? We then helped Faith nurture those leads to upsell these potential customers into her online video course. The course is fully automated, so anyone really WANTs to live in ABUNDANCE could purchase and move through Faith’s amazing lessons — anytime, day or night.


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YouTube Video Content

Stern shot over 96 youtube videos to accompany the 13 separate landing pages along with additional videos each with a specific purpose. From: “Happy Halloween,” to “Thank you for following me,” we created ALL the media Faith needed to engage with the people who needed her message the most.


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Social Media Research Strategy and Implementation

We pushed Faith’s message on social media to those who needed her help. “An Ounce of Faith,” is a daily inspiring email we worked with Faith to send out EVERY DAY after launching the site. Meaningful memes, videos, and hashtags were created and published to push Faith’s message beyond Colorado and out to the entire world. We helped make Faith connections leading her to speaking engagements across the USA. She also taught the STERN staff how to live in abundance and push through our own thresholds to do better more creative work.


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Our unique creative strategy digitalized Faith’s message and
made it available to those who need it most.

Through collaboration with Stern, Faith’s live workshops and speaking appearances now span the United States.

Every blog, social media post, and landing page our creative marketing team creates includes an inviting call to action that moves your potential client from passerby to active contact and participant.

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