Saul’s Automotive Local SEO Marketing ROI

We are digitalizing a local automotive genius and the
ROI for his business is off the charts.

Saul Reisman is an extremely articulate auto mechanic and businessman who understands the benefit to extreme customer service, while still constantly absorbing all the know-how he can to serve his customers better.

From world sourcing parts to collaborative relationships with national and international vendors, Saul is building a spotless reputation for giving his customers an honest answer and on-time quality service.

When preparing to market Saul’s automotive, we took a look at what specific services earned Saul the most profit.

How and why our creative collaboration is working to increase Saul’s business.

Web Marketing Design

To draw every luxury car owner in Colorado, stern architected the Saul’s Automotive website with no less than 60 SEO optimized landing pages. Each car page is complete with the vehicle’s history, and video of Saul discussing that make of car or truck. When we work with your local business, the creative team at stern will do just as much careful research into your Local SEO masterpiece.


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YouTube Video Content

We began to video Saul in his shop as he took us on a cohesive and understandable journey of just how he fixes everything from the Jeep “Death Wobble” to the clock in a Rolls Royce. He gives his audience real advice and valuable information. Saul now has over 90 videos on his YouTube Channel.


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Social Media Strategy, Research and Engagement

From finding the twitter handles for every type of car made to tracking down every major manufacturer’s page, our social media research and strategy has brought Saul’s automotive national attention from major auto manufacturers. To us, Social Media, Content, and Media all work together. Every one of the over 100 SEO optimized YouTube Videos of Saul are also uploaded directly to his Facebook page. The result for Saul’s Automotive has been a steady increase and stabilization of customers, profit, and income month after month.


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The Know, Like, and Trust factor comes to life.

Soon after we began with our triple whammy combination of YouTube Videos and fully transcribed WordPress video blogs to go with them, Saul started to see results and a climb in revenue.


Where other local mechanics see drop offs during parts of the year, we have steadily seen an increase in the number of customers and the quality of them.


The point is, we are great collaborators. Saul knows his stuff, and we take that knowledge and distribute it over YouTube Facebook Twitter Google + and his SEO optimized website. 

Saul’s Automotive collaborates with us to create new media their target audience will love, cherish, and engage with.

Every blog, social media post, and landing page our creative marketing team creates includes an inviting call to action that moves your potential client from passerby to active contact and participant.

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