Use Snapchat to communicate, collaborate and inspire your employees

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Imagine waking up in the morning to a Snapchat notification with a message from your company CEO on the upcoming charity function, or from one of your coworkers giving you a project update.


In the not-too-distant future, this business strategy using Snapchat could become a reality.


Snapchat has already become a popular video-sharing app for a host of reasons; tattoo artists, world travelers, and foodies use it to connect with followers and showcase their everyday life. Around the world, people are using Snapchat to share new cocktail recipes, gorgeous New Zealand scenery, and illustrated monsters.


But don’t be fooled into thinking Snapchat is just a silly teen app. Downloads in 2015 stayed in the top three of both the Apple and Android app stores all year long. Snapchat averages 10 billion video views per day, compared to YouTube’s 5 billion video views per day.


These numbers can be used to your advantage. Here, we’ve brainstormed ways that your business can use Snapchat to improve employee engagement. Remember, the app is free to download, so you can get down to business immediately!


Use Snap stories to showcase your work culture.


Snapchat stories are a compilation of images and video posts that can be viewed for 24 hours by your followers. Your business, whether it’s a hair salon or B2B manufacturing company, can show off your workplace with behind-the-scenes snaps that capture your company’s culture.


This could mean making a Snapchat story where you ask your employees what makes them excited to come into work today, or showcasing philanthropic projects that your employees take on outside of work. Whether you’re raking leaves in the fall or donating turkeys for Thanksgiving, you can use Snapchat to showcase a fun and fulfilling side of your company that people wouldn’t otherwise see.

Use Snapchat to communicate between departments and collaborate on projects.


Imagine if your Human Resources department wanted to make an announcement about approaching deadlines for employees to sign up for 401(k) plans. You send a Snapchat story out to the entire company that includes a 10-second interview of the head of HR, followed by snaps that contain URLs and directions on how to sign up for the plan.


Additionally, you can use snap stories to showcase projects that individual teams are working on. You could even create a rotating schedule where different teams take over your company’s Snapchat account on different days, so that other employees can see in real time what’s going on in other places (or even areas of the world!)

Create your own news media channel with Snapchat.


Use Snapchat as your own media channel to broadcast important news and events to your employees. Keep your employees informed on relevant stories that are currently trending, and any need-to-know industry news, by compiling and keeping an updated list of relevant accounts for your employees to follow. Create a Snapchat live-broadcasting series each week with the C-suite of the company, where they can take questions and answers from employees watching the snap, even if they’re not actually in the office!

Use Snapchat to reward employee excellence.


Not only can you show off your great employees to the rest of the company and beyond, but you can also reward your employees by featuring them on the company Snapchat account. Take them out for lunch, show off their company parking space and company swag, and interview them about what makes working there so great. Make your employees feel special and appreciated, while at the same time motivating more of them to excel.


As a CEO and business owner, you don’t have to fight employees who are using Snapchat at work. Instead, realize that you can meet employees where they are on the platform they already use, by creating a channel that is informational, inspirational, and collaborative. Contact us today at 303-343-5434, and we will teach you how to use Snapchat to improve your employee engagement!

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