We Would Love To Make Your Business Grow

First We Design

We future proof your brand name on the web by making your web presence accessible on all devices. We call this Responsive Website Design. Couple that with a powerful Content Management System such as WordPress, Joomla! or Shopify E-Commerce and you have a way to update and maintain your enterprise on your own without the need to contact an IT specialist or a Web Developer. As we work together we TEACH you how your website WORKS inside and out.

Then We Market

As your Inbound Marketing Agency we will work with you to develop marketing strategies using Content Marketing (blogs and landing pages), Social Media Marketing (we have over 21,000 followers on Twitter ourselves), Landing Pages (specifically targeted web pages that grab your audience and make them want to communicate with you), and Marketing Automation (making your website nurture your leads while you are AFK). Our Inbound Marketing strategies work and we can prove it.

Finally We Diversify

We have more power in the 21st Century to get our ideas out to the masses than ever before in human history. No company has just one story to tell, so we help you diversify through a network of interweaving website domains and social media accounts. There is no limit to how far we can go to make your brand known the world over. We will help you Diversify Your Digital Footprint until you are #1 across the board for what you do best.
Our Amazing Clients ROCK!

Our Killer Clients

We have worked with these fine companies using Killer Content, Social Media, and Marketing Automation to create amazing Inbound Marketing that grow their businesses

  • Peterson Electric LLC |Responsive Web Design | Inbound Marketing

    responsive wordpress web design

    Peterson Electric LLC |Responsive Web Design | Inbound Marketing
  • Mama Tapas | Responsive Shopify Website Design

    responsive shopify web design

    Mama Tapas | Responsive Shopify Website Design
  • Robert Brace: The 28 Day Challenge | Responsive WordPress Website Design

    responsive wordpress web design

    Robert Brace: The 28 Day Challenge | Responsive WordPress Website Design
  • Tower Stories

    WordPress Web Design

    Tower Stories
  • Oval Options

    responsive wordpress web design

    Oval Options
  • April Dietrich Photography

    responsive wordpress web design

    April Dietrich Photography
  • Damon DiMarco

    responsive wordpress web design

    Damon DiMarco
  • Infinite Prospects | Responsive WordPress Website Design

    responsive wordpress web design

    Infinite Prospects | Responsive WordPress Website Design
  • April Brucker – Responsive WordPress and Social Media Marketing

    responsive wordpress web design

    April Brucker – Responsive WordPress and Social Media Marketing
  • Broomfield Carpet Cleaning | Imperial

    responsive wordpress web design

    Broomfield Carpet Cleaning | Imperial
  • Responsive Shopify Website Design

    responsive shopify web design

    Responsive Shopify Website Design
Our Amazing Clients Think We ROCK!
  • Working with Darrell Stern and Stern LLC has been great for my business. Things get done on time, I have been in business many years and worked with many web designers. I have never worked with anyone who gets the job done on the deadline. We are pretty admittedly demanding clients and presented Darrell Stern (CEO) with quite a few challenges, which he delivered on time. Also when I need quick website edits and changes, he is always amenable to making them happen. He has created a responsive website for us that transformed our look and branding and has increased customer engagement and ultimately purchases. He knows his stuff and loves his work. So if you need someone to put your vision on screen in a timely fashion, Darrell Stern is your man and Stern LLC is the company.

    - Robert Brace Owner , Brace Life Fitness Solutions LLC
  • Darrell Stern is simply put a GENIUS! He delivered an amazing website design and implementation not only ahead of schedule, but also on budget AND he delivered at least twice as much as he promised. Darrell will be HIGHLY recommended by the team at Life fitness Solutions Inc.

    - Alan Gilliam Operations Manager , Life fitness Solutions Inc.
  • Darrell Stern CEO of Stern LLC is gifted with a brilliant mind and has a unique ability to cut to the chase of complex challenges, and structure them in a way that is user friendly. He knows his way around the tech world and is also a master of social media. On top of that he has great work ethics and unparalleled devotion to a project. It was a pleasure working with him and we would definitely hire him for future projects.

    - Gadi Friedman Founder & CEO , Mama Tapas LLC
  • Darrell Stern CEO of Stern LLC is one of those brilliant minds that is best seen when utilizing the full scope of what he can offer. He sees the puzzle complete before it is done, and knows what pieces go where without guess work. As a coach, I love that he challenges me to consider my client and my communications to them, much the way I would in interacting with my clients. Darrell has a lot of heart and care for people, and valuing him as he truly is worth, he has given even that much more of himself to take care of me. If you realize that instant gratification in getting your business online recognition is a TV illusion, and you have the care for your business to make the reasonable investment, I would recommend you engage Darrell to bring your business to life.

    - Chris Beauchamp Executive Business Coach , Beauchamp Coaching
  • "Darrell Stern is the KING of all Social Media! As a stand-up comic with my own one woman show, Scared Skinny, Mr. Stern not only created a oustanding website which I could easily add content to, he also taught me how to use twitter and Facebook to build brand awareness. I now boast over thirty-eight THOUSAND followers on Twitter and I now have such a strong fan base that ANYTHING I do will be instantaneously known by tens of thousands of people. Thanks to Mr. Stern and the crew at his amazing company for helping to build my brand awareness worldwide." Follow Mary on Twitter

    - Mary Dimino Comedian / Author , Mary Dimino
  • World wide PC sales are down. No surprise! I just had stern LLC design my new RESPONSIVE web site that looks awesome on mobile devices. I'm excited because now when someone asks, "What do you do?", I can give them my website www.janegodany.com and they can check it out on any device. I can even show my work on my own phone. My portfolio of mural art is now in my back pocket, literally. I'm just that much closer to a new client!!

    - Jane Godany Mural Artist , Jane Godany
  • Darrell Stern is an extremely bright and creative Marketing expert. Internet marketing and websites are his playground. I've seen Darrell working with some of my clients and he has demonstrated a very high level of skill and creativity. Darrell knows how to get results. I highly recommend Darrell Stern for your next website.

    - Mike Tafoya Business Consultant Estrada Strategies
  • “When we started looking for the right designer, it was Darrell’s enthusiasm for our project that really pulled us in. Not only that, but he offered us a great deal on the whole package. When we began we learned why Stern’s motto is “when you’re ready.” From our first call to our last few emails the crew at stern has been on top of everything, and often ahead of schedule. We would send him things to do, and before we knew it they were done and he would be asking us for more work. His enthusiasm remained high throughout the project, and he was always willing to go learn and create new ways to do things based on our crazy demands. We’ve wanted to get the greetings going for a long time, and finally stern LLC made it happen with a totally unique application made just for Raahi. It enables us to provide the South Asian community with one more way to spread our culture, and that’s very important to us. We hope to create a huge library of cards for not only Indian festivals, but for all holidays. ~Pathik Bhatt Raahi.net

    - Pathik Bhatt Graphic Artist , Raahi
  • Darrell, thank you very much for all of your hard work and patience with me. I am more than pleased with my new website and will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for a professional built website. You did an outstanding job and I appreciate it very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you … !!!

    - Peter Dranitsin Abstract Painter Pete's Fine Art Gallery
  • Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity “Not only does Darrell and the crew of stern provide great results at a reasonable cost, their customer service is simply phenomenal. I highly recommend stern.” January 24, 2013 Visit NRKImages.com

    - Nevin Kishbaugh NRK Images Architectural Photographer , NRK Images
  • Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value “Darrell's practically a genius when it comes to web site design and positioning. He's self-taught, which I think is one of the best ways to learn any craft when you're as driven and curious as he is. And he doesn't stop, he's constantly learning more. Web design and computers in general are his passion - a love affair from which his customers benefit. I know I have. Darrell's handled my croe website for years and I've always felt like I'm in the best of hands. I recommend Darrell Stern and Stern, LLC to anyone who wants a quality, creative website at a reasonable price from a skilled craftsman who walks you through the process every step of the way.” April 10, 2008 Visit Towerstories Visit DamonDimarco.com

    - Damon Dimarco Author / Actor , Tower Stories LLC
  • Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity “After seeing Darrell's website and a colleague's whose site he designed, I decided to upgrade a website that I had created myself. It is one of the best business decisions I have made. Not only did Darrell listen to what I was going for but bent over backwards to make sure that I was happy every step of the way. Our conversations lead to a synergy that created an end result that is much more than I had originally envisioned. I recommend him very highly.” March 11, 2012

    - Victor Slezak Actor , Victor Slezak