What brands can learn from Starbucks’ use of UGC

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Though Starbucks has already been successful on social media because of the beverage’s popularity, the pumpkin spice latte has successfully proven another point as well: that user-generated content works as a content marketing strategy.

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Brands like yours that can utilize user-generated content, or UGC, see their online conversion rates double, according to Pixlee, a user-generation media platform. The reasoning is simple. It’s because people trust each other more than they trust brands. In fact, according to Pixlee, just 14 percent of customers trust brands. But 48 percent of customers trust other customers.


Seeing a retweet of someone’s photo who’s excited about purchasing his or her first fall PSL comes across as much more genuine to consumers than a tweet from Starbucks itself. Collecting and featuring media posted by consumers creates a sense of community of other PSL lovers, which incentivizes more tweeting, more sharing, and ultimately, more buying.


Of course, not every company has a sugary coffee drink already popular with millennials to capitalize on. But that isn’t the point. The point is that Starbucks is telling a story, a story unique to their brand and their audience, about a cup of pumpkin-flavored coffee traveling around the world. In the process, they’ve enticed their loyal followers to share more of the same, adding creative, user-generated content to their brand that inspires more of a loyal following around a drink that people love.


So how can we create an Inbound Content and Social Media Marketing strategy for your brand’s flavor that rivals Starbucks?

Whether you’re an automotive repair company or even a historical cemetery, your brand has a story, too.


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